We use Protools as our first choice DAW for editing narration; nothing else comes near it for editing speech in my view. However,  we have Logic, Reaper, Audacity and Audition available as well.I work on narration projects of varying lengths, from a few seconds to tens of thousands of words. Here’s a selection of brief clips of my work – medical excerpts first. A lot of the material we record can’t be put on the internet for copyright reasons, but if you think we could be useful to your production please get in touch and we may be able to arrange to share some longer samples.

See the How I work page for details of the process we use to turn your script into oven-ready narration or voiceover, ready to fit beautifully into your video, documentary, learning system etc.

I have long experience in voicing, having been an announcer, presenter, newsreader and TV trailer voice at the BBC. I then spent many years refining the art of making technical material sound friendly and interesting while remaining authoritative.

For more details on the studio I work from see the Read On website. It’s a great little studio, specialised for recording speech and available for dry or wet hire at competitive rates. I hope to see you there soon.

Medical voiceovers:
Crohn’s disease

Pathogens for beginners

HIV Prophylaxis

Structure of the heart

Rheumatology e-learning

Other, non-medical styles:
Localisation (slow)

United Nations Briefing

Steam pipe layout

Dubbing – documentary interviewee

North Sea oil safety briefing

Children’s story