I specialise in medical voiceovers and have worked for all the major pharmaceutical brands over many years. In the process I have come to know the language of medical communication and the pronunciation of many polysyllabic words! I am also very happy in any technical or scientific field – and I can be warm as well as factual / authoritative. So, if you need narration for a programme, website, teaching system, audioguide or whatever, please have a listen to the samples page. If my style of calm explanation fits the bill just get in touch.

I come from a broadcasting background and have been heard in most corners of the BBC, from tv presentation to Radio 4 and the World Service. I specialise in scientific, medical and other technical scripts and am good at explaining complex ideas clearly.

I have a studio with a very good dry room and recording equipment – Neuman TLM193s, Focusrite ISA and Clarrett pre-amps, Protools 11 and Harbeth monitoring. We have Source-Connect for remote recording, Skype or phone patch for remote direction and a dedicated fibre connection for stable remote work or quick transfer of large files.

I am also a founder of Read-On, a studio named after the prompt the production assistant used to use when I was doing live trailers on the TV. Read-On produces podcasts, audiobooks and audio for all kinds of educational purposes, and it’s where I do my day job reading scientific, medical and other technical scripts in an engaging kind of way. It’s a really nice place to work, with a lovely acoustic, top-notch gear and a view of the countryside from the booth window.